A Leeloo Costume

Published: 10th September 2009
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Not only did Logan's Run, a scientific fiction movie released in 1976 inspire a whole lot of directors, but it also went on to give birth to costumes from Logan's Run, which were released by designers inspired by the movie. The design of the costumes inspired from Logan's Run had enough power in them to impress generations to follow. These costumes were indeed very popular in the early 90s, especially in clubs and discotheques.

Certainly, the costumes from Logan's Run had something about them that inspired so many people and resulted in them finding favor with people, especially the shoulder tops and wide belts. And while the movie Logan's Run itself had a clear outlining of the costumes used, people and shop owners in general used to introduce retro versions of these costumes. Something like a leeloo costume may not be known by a lot of people today, but one thing is for sure that these costumes were widely accepted and acclaimed by people, not too long from now.

If you would be wearing costumes from Logan's Run for an occasion, let's say the Halloween, you are sure to be noticed for the difference, as these clothes are just so different from the ones we wear today. By choosing to wear a leeloo costume, you are sure to give a lot of chance to yourself, to look possibly different from the entire town. With these costumes on the prowl, you will find being greeted with the opinion of looking stylish and classy, and at the same time, weird too.

Halloween is best known for the celebratory spirits and is definitely an evening when people celebrate the occasion, by dressing in wild clothes and showing their sense of style and class, which you could get by wearing costumes from the movie Logan's run. With the presence of so many options for Halloween costumes, you must start now and get choosing one amongst your favorite. With one of these costumes, you surely will get the opportunity to celebrate Halloween the way it is.

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